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My name is Vagharshak Sevulyan, born in Istanbul-Turkey on March 9,1946 , have two more younger brothers. Was rough living in Turkey as a Christian citizens of Turkey. Lost in two grandfathers on 1915 Armenian Genocide, no one knows what happened to them, but left big effect on me there absents.
Went to Switzerland as young age working in the Italian owned Swiss hotel about 3 years. When time go for military service return to Turkey. After military service went to USA. Find work as a HVAC service , met my wife in church gathering, got married , God Bless, have 3 beautiful girls. Two older ones are married , 3rd one still bachelor. Let see by the time all change. As a father , thinking lot. I have beautiful 5 grandkids. One girl and three boys. Very pleasure to play with them. Time spend worth while a great time. They are also very funny grandkids.
I was retired at young age due to illness. Before my retirement I was working with Carrier Building Services as a member of Local 543 Steamfitters and Plumbers. I am still retired from HVAC service business. I belonged union to perform my work. I enjoyed very much on that career. For my health I walk everyday.Spend time in my garden , grow lots of vegetables, I listened patrotic Armenian music my spare time , Sundays I go church pray for all GOD provided to me , my family , my relatives and friends.